How To Move Heavy Furniture and Knowing Where To Place Them At Your New Home

If you are moving into your new home, chances are you’re going to move lot’s of furniture and other stuff. The challenging part is usually after the move and placing your furniture at the places you want them and not have to make changes later.

Trust me, if you have to make changes afterwards it’s probably going to be chaotic! So why not do it right the first time. Instructing your movers on where to place your furniture will definitely help you make this job a whole lot easier.It is always a good thing to put your ideas onto paper and drawings so that other’s can also see your ideas. I’ve found a opensource software that is perfect for the job. Although it might not be suitable for everyone, but I think most computer users would be able to benefit from it, it’s pretty easy to use really.

If you can play The Sims 3 you’ll be able to use this software with ease! 🙂

It’s call Sweet Home 3D.With This Software You can draft out your ideas and share it with others.

Software Description:

Sweet Home 3D is an interior design Java application for quickly choosing and placing furniture on a house 2D plan drawn by the end-user, with a 3D preview.

Sweet Home 3D Web Site

Software Features:

  • Draw walls and rooms upon the image of an existing plan
  • Drag and drop doors, windows and furniture from a catalog onto the plan
  • Update colors, texture, size and orientation of furniture, walls, floors and ceilings
  • View all changes simultaneously in the 3D view from any view point
  • Create photorealistic images and videos with various light sources
  • Import additional 3D models and export plan at various standard formats

Sweet Home 3D in English Windows 7

Sweet Home 3D in French Mac OS X

Sweet Home 3D in German Linux

Tip On Moving Heavy Furniture:

Buy Sliders of appropriate size at your local hardware or home goods store (or national chains like Home Depot or Lowes).

Buy Sliders of appropriate size at your local hardware or home goods store (or national chains like Home Depot or Lowes).

Lift each corner and put a Slider underneath so that the smooth edge is towards the floor.

Lift each corner and put a Slider underneath so that the smooth edge is towards the floor.

Move the furniture, holding it low, once all corners have sliders   - because the friction is almost eliminated and the furniture moves very easily.

Move the furniture, holding it low, once all corners have sliders – because the friction is almost eliminated and the furniture moves very easily.


Ways To Prevent Damages While Moving On Delicate Hardwood Floors

Prevent Damage While Moving On Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a big investment in your home, and must be cared for properly to avoid scratches, gouges and other damage.

  • Bend one-third of the long side of the cardboard sheet forward against itself. Crease it so the cardboard remains flat.
  • Tip the piece of furniture slightly until the feet or bottom is raised six inches from the floor.
  • Slide the large piece of cardboard lengthwise under the bottom of the furniture with the fold towards the back of the piece. Unfold the cardboard as much as possible and lower the furniture to the floor.
  • Repeat the process with the back of the furniture, flattening the folded portion of cardboard so that it is now under the back feet of the furniture. The cardboard is now under the entire bottom of the furniture piece. It is now safe to slide the furniture across the hardwood floor.
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Other Tips On Moving: Why is it bad to lay a refrigerator on it’s side?

A fridge can be moved on it’s side, but you run the risk of some of the oil coming out of the compressor and running up the lines to places where it can cause a restriction. Damage can occur to the fridge and the fridge may stop cooling 🙁

[not true- the oil is part of the system, In small refrigeration systems, like home refrigerators, the oil is allowed to circulate throughout the whole circuit.]

If at all possible lay the fridge down on the opposite side of where these tubes come out of the compressor. Oil can run up the return line and discharge line (which is a problem) but oil in the process tube will not hurt the fridge or operation. The worst is having oil in the discharge line. Look at the back and lay the fridge down on the side of the process line and have the return line and more importantly the discharge line pointing up where no oil can run into them.

Companies design the pipework and components such that oil can drain back under gravity to the compressor.

When you get the fridge to the location you want it….keep the fridge in the up-rite position for at least the same amount of time that the refrigerator was laying down to help any oil in the lines to drain back into the compressor before plugging it back in…after the few hours are over, then plug it in and have a cold drink.

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Home Moving Tips

Kayka Mover - Singapore Moving ServiceWho can’t use some moving tips when they’re packing up their whole life for a new home? If you’re among thousands of people who have picked up and moved their family to a new home or a new community, you have fresh memories of some of the ups and downs or thrills or frustrations of moving.

Drawing from personal experience, I know there are lots of ways to help make your household move easier and more smooth. Read here for help to get your life, and your possessions, organized for a peaceful and exciting move.

Make a list.
Write everything down! You’ll thank yourself later. Before you pack even one box, create a simple record keeping system. Create a computer-printed list of numbers with a space to write the contents. Or have a spiral-bound notebook for the job. You’ll place a number on EVERY box you pack and list the contents on your list. Don’t put the list down unless it’s in a place you’ll call Packing Central. This is where you’ll find your labels, marking pens, box tape, and other supplies. When describing the box contents, be specific — “A-D files” is better than “files”, and “Tulip dishes” rather than “misc. kitchen”.

Have plenty of supplies.
Don’t make me say this twice– you’ll need LOTS of boxes–probably more boxes than you think, and having enough boxes will make your life easier! (If you buy your boxes from a moving company, you can always return unused boxes for a refund. If you got them free from the grocery, just toss any leftovers.) Have about 10 boxes set aside to use for last minute items on moving day, such as bedding, clothing, and cleaning supplies. You’ll need strong plastic packing tape to close up the boxes securely. Use unprinted newsprint (newspaper can stain your items) or packing paper or bubble wrap to wrap and cushion household good. Again, you’ll need lots more supplies than you think, so get extra so the packing can go smoothly. Return any unused supplies after the truck is packed.


Draw a Floor Plan

You know what will save you time and eliminate confusion on moving day? Try drawing a floor plan of your new home before you move. Sketch in and number your furnishings the way you want them to be arranged in each room. Then tag the furniture pieces to correspond with the numbers on the floor plan. That way, the movers know where to put each piece of furniture. You don’t want to be making decisions about where each piece of furniture goes on the day of the move. It’s better to make those decisions ahead of time, so the movers can carry the heavy pieces directly to the rooms in which they’ll live.


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Tips For Home Painting Ideas

Painting the whole outside of your house is a major job. But your home may not need a whole paint job. You may be able to spiff up the appearance of your home and extend the life of an entire paint job by several years with regular maintenance and some quick repairs. Whether you decide to paint a porch, the most weathered side of your house, or an outbuilding or two, the general process is the same as painting your whole house.

You’ll need to clean and prep the surface, decide what type of paint to use, and apply the paint. The best time to paint is in late spring or early fall on a dry day that is not too sunny. Temperatures below 40 degrees F and direct hot sun can ruin paint jobs. Inspect your house thoroughly before you paint, and take corrective action to prevent the root causes of paint failure.

How to paint a house:

Primer comes before paint.
Tempted to skip the primer? Primer not only provides a good surface for the paint, but it also brings out the paint’s true color.

Paint like a pro.
Painting is your chance to show off your skills. Use an edge pad for clean lines around door frames, ceiling edges and corners so your walls look great — down to every last detail.

Create a sticky situation.
Paint won’t stick to the wall if you haven’t taken the time to prep. The surface must be clean, non-glossy and in good condition.

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Interior House Painting Rules
Rules Guaranteed to Make Painting Go Faster and Cleaner

On your next inside painting project, religiously follow these simple rules and I guarantee that you will save at least 2 hours. Here we go!

1. Slosh Your Brush

Before painting, slosh your brush in whatever solvent you will be using at the end of the day to clean the brush (i.e., water for latex, mineral spirits for oil, etc.) It’ll be easier to clean when you’re done.

2. Wrap Brush or Roller

If you don’t feel like cleaning your brush or roller at the end of the day and expect to get back to painting within a few days–wrap the brush or roller tightly in a plastic bag and put in the freezer.

3. Latex Gloves or Lotion, Your Pick

Latex gloves are great for keeping your hands clean (especially if you’re using oil-based paint!). If you can’t stand latex gloves or are allergic, a thick application of hand lotion before painting will make cleaning a lot easier later on.

4. Wet Edge

Always keep a wet edge as you paint, and work away from that wet edge. If you paint over a dry edge, you will get overlap marks.

By Lee Wallender, Guide

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Tips for Making Your New Home Look Good

Decorating Tips for New Homes

If you have decided to buy a new house, be sure to work closely with your architect or builder not only in devising blueprints but also as the structure takes shape. If adjustments or substitutions are in the plans, make sure you have final approval.

Small changes, such as an extra counter where the kids can hunker down for a snack or no shelf in the bath, will impact how each room functions. Use these decorating tips for new homes as you begin to make your plans.


Spring, means color change

A simple way to make your room look different is changing the bedding. In spring you can choose from several colors such as green, yellow, cream or orange. This is achieved by choosing a siding accents contrasting with the white base of the bed.


Living Room Designs: Refined Seaside Hangout

Living Room Designs: Refined Seaside Hangout

Mix woven neutrals with pops of bright red and turquoise for a modern spin on a nautical living room design.

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Commentary: Making your new home look good does not always have to be fancy, with some subtle changes you too can make your new home look inviting and warm to any visitor.

10 Great Ideas For Storage Space In Your Bedroom

Bedroom Storage Space Ideas
Bedroom Storage Space Ideas

Need ideas for making storage space in your bedroom? Get unique ideas here:

Source: Bedroom storage – 10 ideas
Walnut storage system
Try making a striking statement. In this simple, modern scheme, a walnut headboard also conceals plenty of storage space as well as a lighting system – perfect for bedtime reading.

9 Innovative and Colorful Ways to Cheer Up Your Kitchen

Cover a Lampshade with Fabric
Cover a Lampshade with Fabric

For a quick update, cover a lampshade with fabric, like Jonathan Adler did in fashion designer Liz Lange’s Westchester home. He chose Alan Campbell’s Potalla in Jungle Green for the Trans.Luxe pendant light, and also created cushions for the Norman Cherner counter stools.

Image Source: 9 Colorful Ways to Cheer Up Your Kitchen
From a bright and bold ceiling to a fabric-covered lampshade, these little changes bring a lot of cheer to your kitchen.

A Letter Form Dedicated Singapore Movers – Kayka Mover

Naturally when moving to your new home, you want to make a checklist of things to know the things you’ve already packed and things you will move as a the entire unit. Often times during the heat of trying to get things done quickly, it is easy to discover that you’ve forgot something or lose something along the way. Especially when working with movers, you’ve just met minutes ago.

We at Kayka Mover, we are dedicated to help you move every single item safely and accounted for. It’s not just about moving your items to your new home, it is our sole duty to help you in every way we can. We Strive to become the best Singapore Mover Company Island Wide.

There are some rare cases that certain mover companies lose items, because of careless workers. We ensure all our staffs are well trained and understands your needs. Items or fixtures sometimes will need to be tagged or marked with special stickers so that when the items are moved to the final location it is assembled as it is. It is our standard procedure to do a site audit if there is any dismentalling work involved.

Some electronic items such as Computers, televisions and Fridges might have items that items or components that are not suitable to move as a whole. It is often advisable to dismental them marked and wrapped for moving separately.

We also provide you with support if there is any need of contact us. We are dedicated to supporting you and making it easy to contact us.

You can reach us by:
Calling: +65 96911757
Mailing Address/Warehouse: 37 Sungei Kadut Street 1 Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate, S729342

Support System for inquires and Quotes:

We Look Forward To Helping You Move In Style!

Tony Lum

Singapore Reliable Movers Are Here For You!

Getting the right moving company is not usually that easy. It is a fact that, you may end up finding a mover company that offers you general services that only suit a few individuals. It is common when you are either in need of urgent services or those who pay very little attention to the kind of mover services being offered. Of course, there are a few Singapore reliable movers who usually offer high quality services to their clients and such companies are usually defined by the following characteristics.

Most of them usually have good customer relationship records. Basically, reliable movers understand the importance of offering quality services that actually meet the expectations of their clients. For this reason, many such companies usually work hard in ensuring that all the orders made by their clients are fully met and worked on accordingly.

In addition, Singapore reliable movers usually work on offering honesty services. Most of this companies have a good understanding that there clients usually require a high degree of honesty, especially when entrusting strangers to transport some of their most treasured belongings. This being the case, a good number of Singapore reliable movers usually offer honesty services that mostly entails informing their clients on any loss of an item and more specifically offering to compensate any losses that are reported.

Some of the best mover companies usually provide their clients with an opportunity to negotiate on the price charged for the services. Most of the companies usually work under flexible terms and conditions in terms of pricing. For this reason, these types of firms usually offer open windows for negotiation with different clients.

In essence, some of the best movers around Singapore are well known for the high quality services that they provide. Most of these companies usually get good referrals from the clients that they serve.

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Our Dedication As A Singapore Local Mover – Kayka Mover Singapore

Many things tend to go wrong while you are moving to a new house. After all, there are a lot of worries on your mind and the effect of that is seen on the things that go wrong while you are in the process of moving. The boxes fall open, the refrigerator topples in the truck, you forget a few boxes at the old house, etc.. Now we wonder, where’s the need to go through all that hardship when we are there for you?

We are a prominent and experienced Singapore local movers who have valuable experience in giving our clients a comfortable and hassle-free moving experience. With our dedicated team of hard working professionals, we make sure that moving remains as wonderful an experience as you had imagined it would be when you had first seen that beautiful new house. We will take care of everything, from the beginning till the end and all you can relax and let us handle the responsibility of moving all your belongings to your new abode.

Good Singapore local movers offers the complete and satisfactory service and that is what we offer our clients. It begins with our professional visiting your house and estimating the man-power required to perform all the moving activities. On the moving day, our team arrives right on time at your door step and begins its work in a thorough and professional manner. They begin with packing the small articles into boxes and the larger articles like furniture and appliances are carefully padded and loaded into the truck. The brittle and delicate items like the vase, or glass items are adequately protected and packed and carefully loaded into the truck. Our team works in an efficient and well co-ordinated manner, ensuring that every piece of your belongings finds its way into your new house.

With the same delicacy and professionalism, our team unpacks all your belongings and places them according to where you want them to be placed. We strive to ensure that moving remains a happy and pleasant experience for you and your family.

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