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Simply The BEST Movers in Singapore. Period.

We know you have choices when it comes to selecting a moving company in Singapore. The island has lots of them to choose from. Expensive ones. Not so expensive ones. Some with big fancy offices. And lots of choices in-between.
Families who are moving from apartment or home to another across Singapore love Kayka for a few very good reasons we think you’ll like, too.

1.) We have no office. Which means we have no expensive overhead.
We have professionally trained, cheerful moving staff and a lot of clean and reliable trucks. We have a nice warehouse with armed guards, too in case we ever have to store your stuff overnight.

2.) We give you FREE boxing cartons, FREE tape, FREE bubble wrap
Not every moving company in Singapore does this. But we do. In fact, when you book your residential or commercial move with Kayka, we’ll stop off at your place and drop off all the packing stuff you need.

Then on moving day, we’ll move you and we’ll clean up, pack up the moving cartons and recycle them for you. 100% FREE of charge.

3.) Businesses Love Us, too.
Being affordable is one reason. But the big reason is our commercial moving staff is simply second to none anywhere in Singapore.  Our commercial moving teams are specially trained.

They’re like “moving ninja’s with a black belt,” in commercial moving techniques.  Our moving ninja’s have all the secret tools, allan wrenches and gizmos to quickly disassemble your furniture, pack it up then instantly reassemble it at your new business.  At the risk of tooting our own horns, we’re pretty amazing at what we do.

Our commercial moving service also insures your furniture, your chairs, your data center computers, too.

So there you have it. 3 Good Reasons WHY Families and Businesses Choose Kayka.
Maybe you should, too.

Get a free quote within 24 hours and see for yourself why Kayka is the best value for moving in Singapore!

Tony Lum

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