10 Popular And Stylish Home Décor Ideas For 2013

Everything tends to change with time, whereas history repeats itself. The smaller and affordable homes of yesteryear are giving way to stylish, fancier and bigger homes.

On the other hand, green homes are extremely popular, because artificial and plastic products are seen taking a backseat and are giving way to the more lavish natural stone and woods.

Homeowners today do not refrain from adding artwork, fabrics and statues in their homes that symbolize their taste and persona.

1.    French Renaissance: This is undoubtedly a well-accepted theme if you are not that budget conscious. Nonetheless, numerous homeowners these days are adding lavish fabrics, crystal chandeliers and detailed as well as elegant trim work.

2.    French Style Kitchen: Greatly inspired from the French, cream and white cabinets have become immensely popular. In fact, it is a bit difficult to look at a modern kitchen design without light shaded cabinets. A blend of dark and light cabinets such as cream color cabinets with dark wood island at the center is an excellent idea.

3.    Floral, Stripes and Patterns: Inspired from the renowned, versatile and great French artists such as Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso, printed fabrics are back in trend these days and are highly admired. Continue reading “10 Popular And Stylish Home Décor Ideas For 2013”

Clever Ways to Reuse and Bring the Life Back to Old Furniture

Although home furnishings are actually designed to last long, they are still subject to wear and tear, especially when they are regularly used. Apart from this, their age could take a toll on their appearance. When these things happen, most homeowners don’t want to get stuck with old or worn out cabinets, tables or chairs. And all too often the first solution that comes into their minds is to just throw those items away.

However, old and worn out furnishings, unless they are truly irreparable, are still usable. In fact, with a few tweaks here and there, they can be transformed into one-of-a-kind items that not only improve the function of the home and make for great conversational pieces, but also help homeowners save a lot of money. So before you decide to eliminate your old furniture, below are some suggestions that you might find useful to assign new functions to some of your aging furnishings.


If you’ve already given up on your creaking door, don’t stash it in the garage or burn it up just yet. There are many other things you can do with that humongous slab of wood. Touch it up with a new paint and hang it on the wall behind your bed for a unique headboard. You may also sand its surface until it’s smooth and give it a new color of your choosing. After it has completely dried, place it on top of two metal sawhorses, and you now have an industrial, chic desk for your home office. Continue reading “Clever Ways to Reuse and Bring the Life Back to Old Furniture”

Moving Into A New Flat, The Essential Things You’ll Need

Moving into the new flat is one of the most exciting things for anyone, especially new couples who have just recently got their keys! You new home is empty and before you can turn it into a really comfortable home, you’ll need to get some essential things ready.

Moving into a new flat
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No.1 – Planning and Selecting A Trust Worthy Mover

Getting help from your local mover can be a great relief when you are moving heavy items and bulky furniture, but many people don’t realize that it is very important to work with your movers to make sure they know what they are doing on the moving day. Important things like boxing up, wrapping up items and putting identifying markings to track your items. Tracking and Making sure all items are safe and accounted for is our responsibility as a mover, therefore we take it very seriously and not just to get things done and over with. We move your home just like we will move ours! 🙂

Start packing early, we are here to help!

No.2 – Gas stove and Gas Cylinders or Electric Cooking Accessories

You home is never complete never complete with a place you can make fire(I mean a stove 😛 ), and accessories to heat things up. I have seen several new couples move in and they missed out these important things and they can’t even boil water. So don’t forget about getting these accessories ahead of time so that you can have a nice brew of tea after the tough day of moving.

No.3 – Water Heaters

The water is cold, and bathing in cold water is never fun for me. I like to have a decent bath after a day’s work and that’s what you need at home. Getting water heaters installed doesn’t take very long, all you need is to call up your local electrician and you are set to go!

No.4 – A Telephone line

It’s good to have a telephone line at home, especially in the living room and the kitchen. Although we use mobile phones a lot today, a telephone line at home can actually save you a lot of money. Also for emergency case you’ll know where to find the phone and now searching everywhere for your mobile.

Moving into a new flat can be fun and exciting if you get all the essential things ready.

Home Offices That Shines

As modern technologies advances, access to your office work can be as easy as connecting to the internet. In recent times more companies are cutting costs and lowering office rental budgets. This can be a good thing and a bad thing for office workers. However if you are able to work for someone else, you’ll probably be able to work for yourself too.

A Good working environment is a good way to start. Like most Feng Shui masters will say, having good feng shui is like opening a gateway to wealth. Although we are not going to talk about feng shui today, we will be discussing how to make your home a better working environment and turning it into a Home Office That Shines!

Home offices are pretty common these days as many small business owners work from home. Home offices also gives you privacy as well as the comfort of your own home. Imagine waking up early in the morning and you are already late for work, rushing and bashing through th crowds… Not an ideal way of life isn’t it? Therefore everyone dreams of having a dream home office that you can work in comfort and peace.

Here’s some examples of home office designs you can consider.

White often gives me a feeling of peace and cleanliness, those old office furniture and dull colored carpets makes me sleepy, a fresh looking office, a better place for more productivity!

Typically in Singapore, our homes are generally smaller in size, we don’t have the luxury of having a lot of space, therefore making use of every space available in the room is critical. By using the spaces on the walls not only you can make it look good it also let’s you create more spaces to put away things you don’t regularly need. Most importantly, it make your home office neat!

This gives me an idea of fully utilizing the store room, although most of the time we are guilty of keeping lots of junk inside the store room most are which we don’t really need, clear away those clunky stuff you don’t need and Wahlah… you have a new space for your home office!

I always enjoy working in a bright and clean room, because I think it gives you a sense of awareness and you don’t get sleepy and start dozing off because the lights are dimm, you want to be comfortable, but not too comfortable that you’ll fall asleep. Work in the day, sleep in the night, there’s a balance to be maintained.

You know, you can work at home just like a CEO at your office, imagine your own business, your own office. What could be better?

How To Organize A Moving Plan With Your Mover

Moving PlanMoving is often a huge task, but if you plan it well it can be done easily like a morning breeze walk.

Coordinating with your movers is one of the key things to keep track of moving your process. As movers we have learned to listen intently to our customer’s needs as each move is different with a different location, different people. We are not just here to provide a service, but also to help you in every way we can as a mover.

Provide the location and destination of your move early.

Call us! It is much easier to plan the move when we know where you are planning to move. As each location is different, such as parking and unloading areas, you input with these information is important to us. We want to make your move a smooth and hassle free expirence as much as possible.

List out the things that you need to move and things that you need to throw away.

I don’t know if I am a perfectionist or something, but I strongly think that having a list is the best way to get organized and it is easier to share this information with the movers so that they can understand you better, then having to guess what you are thinking of doing with the items.

label boxesLet us help you box it up!

Wrap, mark and label! Yes it’s so important during a move, therefore we take this very seriously. All items must be accounted for so that nothing is messed up or lost during the moving. Trust me, we move everyday… we’ve seen many chaotic situations!

Boxes, markers and labels will be provided, so you need not worry for supplies.

Get Rid of the Old Clunky Stuff

Often times there might be old things hidden away in you storeroom that you don’t actually need. By getting rid of the unwanted old stuff, you not only lighten your load when moving, you also clear up new spaces for new things. To a typical Chinese this is a good thing! Let us know about your the old stuff that you would like to clear, our removal service is excellent! 🙂

Let us know about your concerns about your move. We are always here to listen.

Singapore House Removals Made Easy

Home RemovalsPeople often move in Singapore, some will move into their new homes while others will move to a different location. No matter where you are in Singapore, moving involves planning and resources such as trucks rentals for moving your furniture or getting extra hands to help you out in moving the heavy stuff. Hiring a local mover company makes things easy, especially when you need house removal services.

There are a few things you can take note when getting your house removal service to help you out.

Firstly, sort out the old stuff such as your furniture and electronics, list out what you need and what you don’t need.

Secondly, find out what are the things you can recycle or reuse and list them out.

Thirdly, contact us for a quote, let us know about what are the things you want to move and the things you would like to clear out. Alternatively you also can let us know what items such as your furniture, that you would like to sell or no longer need.

If there are small items, we provide boxes and wrappings as required.

Lastly, book a time slot with us, we will handle the rest for you.

As always, we are here to help you. 🙂

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Plants That Helps Purify Air In Your Home

Image by Martin LaBar

You may be thinking of getting an air purifier for your home, but a decent air purifier can be rather expensive these days. But wait… Nature has provided an answer! You don’t have to plug in an electric cord for this one, in fact all you need is some sunlight!

Have you guess it? It’s Air Cleaning Plants! It’s low cost, 100% natural and it does not need any electricity! 🙂

Plants are not just decorative, they can also clean and purify the air in our homes, and act as anti-pollutants. Houseplants can reduce components of indoor air pollution, even volatile organic compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. Plants also reduce airborne microbes and increase humidity.

Some indoor plants are more effective than others, so this article is dedicated to these magical house-cleaning air purifiers for your home and/or work place. Also included are illustrations of each of the miracle plants, as well as basic plant care.

Researchers from NASA and other organizations recommend at least 15-18 good-sized plants for a house or apartment of 1800 square feet or 167 square meters.

Peace Lily

1. Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

Spathiphyllum, also called Peace Lily, acts as a general air cleanser of many environmental pollutants, and will even filter contaminants such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. It cleans best at one plant per 10m2.

Plant care: Easy. The plant will even survive being neglected at times. No direct sunlight to avoid burns. It can also handle a shadier spot. Watering approximately once per week, only when the soil is dry. Too much water, too much heating and too much light can all harm the Peace Lily.

Spider plant

2. Chlorophytum comosum (Spider Plant)

Spider plant is a popular and commonly used house plant. It grows from a central rosette and produces new shoots, branched stolons with small white flowers, as well as baby plantlets.

Plant care: Very easy, thrives under nearly any conditions. The plant will even survive being neglected at times.

Devil's Ivy

3. Epipremnum aureum (Devil’s Ivy)

Epipremnum aureum, also called Devils Ivy, or Golden Pathos, is an excellent air cleansing plant. It is however toxic when consumed, for example by pets, so care should be taken in order to avoid this. Its decorative marbled leaves and easy maintenance make it very popular amongst indoor plants.

Plant care: Golden Pathos is a hardy plant which requires very little care. Should be watered only when the soil feels dry. No direct sunlight. It can stand bright light, but the best results are achieved with a medium indirect light.

Arrowhead plant

4. Syngonium podophyllum (Arrowhead plant)

Syngonium podophyllum , also called Arrowhead plant, or American evergreen, is the most commonly cultivated species of the Syngonium genus. The plant, when eaten, is poisonous, so don’t eat it..

Plant care: No direct sunlight, allow to dry in between waterings. Daily misting during the dry winter months, or maintain higher humidity levels in other ways.

English Ivy

5. Hedera helix (English Ivy)

This robust plant is the ideal companion for pet owners, as it efficiently filters formaldehyde aerosols and fecal particles from the air. There are many different species of the English Ivy, differing by color, shape, and size. The plant is also poisonous.

Plant care: Partial shade to bright light, but no direct sunlight. Robust plant which grows so well and easily that is considered a weed in some countries.

Read more at TopTipSpot

Air Cleaning Plants are not just something pleasant for the eye but it can also become a hobby. If you give it some love, it will provide you with unlimited fresh air. Having a few hanging pots near the windows can really change the atmosphere your room. You should never under estimate the good use of plant and the benefits it can give.

Everyday chemicals, dust and all sorts of stuff are introduces into the air, some can in fact be cancerous, air cleaning plants can clean up these microscopic dust particles, and harsh stuff that’s floating in the air.

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Formaldehyde  – a chemical used in everything from carpet to pressed wood products like plywood to bed linens. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas and a volatile organic compound, which is extremely common in our homes. Sources include resins and glues found in paneling, doors, furniture, wallboard, ceiling panels, and pressed-wood products like particleboard and plywood, carpets, wallpapers, flame-resistant, water-repellant, and shrink-proof materials. Formaldehyde can also come from gas stoves, glues, room deodorizers, cosmetics, personal care products, paper grocery bags, waxed paper, paper tissues and even feminine protection products.

Carbon Monoxide – an invisible, odorless, and tasteless gas produced by the incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels like gas and oil in devices like furnaces, gas ranges, and non-electric space and hot water heaters.

Combustion by-products (CBPs) – gases and particles created by cigarette smoking, fireplaces, woodstoves, furnaces, gas ranges, and non-electric space and hot water heaters.

Dust is being made around us all the time as the materials we use in our daily lives break down and shed microscopic particles. Household dust can contain tiny pieces of textiles, wood, and food; mold spores; pollens; insect fragments; furs and hairs; and particles of smoke, paint, nylon, rubber, fiberglass, plastic, and paper.

Particulates are tiny particles of soot and other materials. The biggest sources of indoor particulates are windblown dust from outside, house dust, and tobacco smoke. Secondary sources include wood stoves and appliances like furnaces and non-electric heaters.

Volatile Organic Compounds are carbon-based compounds that form vapors at room temperature. In the home, the presence of these chemicals in the air comes predominantly from two sources: the outgassing of synthetic materials like foams and plastics and the use of toxic cleaning products and other household chemicals. Common VOCs include benzene, toluene, xylene, vinyl chloride, naphthalene, methylene chloride, and perchloroethylene.

So, what can we do to reduce the pollutants? Go green! Get some kickass plants to purify the air so that you can breathe easy safe in the knowledge you are doing as much as you can to reduce your intake of harmful materials.


If you are not sure what types of plants are suitable for your home, you can look up your local library for books with more detailed information.

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How To Make Your Small Living Quarters Look Interesting – Solutions for small homes

One of the common problems of living in a Singapore Home is thinking that you can’t get enough space in your standard size HDB home. Although HDB flats in Singapore have various  designs, taking a few small steps in picking your furniture and interior design can make a huge difference to your living quarters.

From: (More)


Small Space Living

This image from Better Homes & Gardens is one of my favorite small rooms. Not only do I love how this room looks, I love how it functions. It has so many solutions for small spaces.

  • The furniture has small or tight arms.
  • The round ottoman allows an easy flowing traffic pattern in and out of the conversation area.
  • The tray on top of the ottoman doubles the use as a functional coffee table.
  • The nesting tables are slender and of course can be separated to offer another table to a guest.
  • The tall vertical bookshelves offer a lot of storage in a small room.

There are many spaces that you can utilize and make space for your household items, you probably don’t need a bigger house, but putting some thoughts in choosing the right furnishings and storage  shelves for your home.

Src: NPR (More)

More With Less

The need to do more with less space has sparked a boom in house designs that are as playful and witty as they are livable. One of Japan’s leading designers of kyosho jutaku, or ultra-small homes, is Tokyo architect Yasuhiro Yamashita.

“If you tried to build a normal house on a super-small plot of land, it would end up being really cramped. So in order to make the house as roomy as possible, we have to think up new structures and assembly,” Yamashita says.

Ultra-small homes conserve space by dumping conventional elements like entranceways, hallways, inner walls and closets.

Windows, in a variety of shapes and sizes, are scattered across a wall, or concealed near the base. A bathroom is separated by just a curtain. Furniture can be folded into the wall, allowing a single room to serve multiple purposes.

Designers indulge in fantasy, like asymmetrical walls, cantilevered floors, or cover their houses in a translucent skin, in order to exploit all available natural light.

Yamashita built a long, skinny, cathedral-like futuristic home on a sliver of land just 40-feet wide, and named it “Lucky Drops.”

The interior of an ultra-small home in Japan.

Courtesy of Makoto YoshidaInterior of “Cell Brick” micro-home. Built-in steel boxes are a whimsical yet practical answer to limited space, providing storage and, in the architect’s words, “eliminating monotony” on the inside.

“‘Lucky Drops’ was built on an extremely long and narrow space. So light could enter only from the ceiling,” Yamashita says, speaking in Japanese. “All the light comes in from the top. So the whole house becomes like a Japanese paper lantern.”

The boom in quirky small homes was fueled by new design and materials technology, which have slashed the price of a custom-built home by as much as two-thirds, making these homes affordable for singles and middle-class couples.

Minoru and Aki Ota, a couple in their 30s, reside in a home that sits on fewer than 500 square feet. The walls, floors and even the kitchen table are made entirely of precast concrete.

“We weren’t interested in a big house in the suburbs. We were happy to have a comfy place downtown. It’s not that we wanted to live in a micro-house, but it’s turned out to be plenty of room for two and convenient,” Minoru Ota says.

The home features narrow windows at ground level, strategically placed to reveal bits of scenery, and flood the house with light.

Bottom Line: Rather then having a big house and having it empty, having a small but fully utilized interior can make your home look neat and also inviting for your guests.

Bedroom Furnishing Ideas That Doesn’t Suck!

Your bedroom is the place you probably spent the most time in. Sleeping that is! Your bedroom furnishing and decorations gives it a special feel and warmth to the people staying in it. Keeping things simple does not always compromise onquality and making your bedroom look plain and boring. Take a look at the following ideas and really get inspired!

Summer Decorating {Bedroom Obsession}


Photo: Hiya Papaya via House of Turquoise

Because my house is in complete disarray getting ready for the new paint and floors going in in several rooms, I’m not doing much summer decorating right now. But I’m not complaining! I am just about busting with excitement over how much cleaner and brighter might house is going to be in the next few weeks! That is kind of like summer decorating, only a little more intense.

Today is the day my bedroom is being painted and next week the carpet will be ripped out and new wood will go in! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Meanwhile though I’m scouring the interwebs for great decorating ideas for my soon to be newly freshened rooms.

And naturally I like to show you what I find because it is much funner (more fun?) to talk about these things with people who like to be inspired like I do.

Hiya Papaya via House of Turquoise

[Read More]

The bedroom is by far one of the most important area in your home. Not only you will rest well in a cozy bedroom, it can also lift up good moods.

Tips for Decorating Your Dream Bedroom {Where to Start!}


image: BH&G

Decorating Your Bedroom

Tips for Creating An Escape from Every Day Life

I look forward to the day I get to really spruce up my bedroom in this house. So far I’ve been too distracted by other projects and my bedroom has not received the attention it deserves.

Bedroom Photo: William Brinson {Design Sponge}

The master bedroom should be the most significant room in the house, even though it is usually the most private space. I definitely want to devote time and energy towards making our room a place I enjoy being — a place my husband and I can reconnect and retreat to at the end of every day.

House Beautiful

Sarah’s House HGTV


I think it is important to have an escape from the world, a place to experience a sense of peace and calm in the home, a room to rest and recharge your energy and of course, a place for reconnecting and dreaming!

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Are You Moving? Never Move Without A Checklist!

Moving To A New HomeThere are many people who are moving are actually first timers and it can sometimes  be overwhelming when you are unprepared. A good checklist will help you a long way, Knowing what you need and what to get is most essential to your move. When you know more about the situation, you also know more about asking questions and eliminating moving problems with your movers.

By , Guide

Checklists come in very handy in a move. With all the things going on inside and outside your head, who can remember everything? To make sure you stay organized and on track, we’ve created moving checklists of things to do to help you move. Use them online or print them out – either way you’ll have a complete list of moving tasks.

1. Packing Supply Shopping List

Starting off on the right foot helps in a move. We’ll set you on the right path by arming you with all you need so you won’t have to keep making time-wasting trips out to get supplies. To determine what supplies you need for your move, check out the article on Packing Supplies, then fill out the quantity of each item before you start to shop.

2. Change of Address Checklist

Here is an area where it’s very easy to forget something. When moving, it’s important to remember all the ways you rely on the postal service to get the information you need, whether it’s bills or a favorite magazine. And to help you keep up-to-date and in contact with everybody, use this change of address checklist to ensure the people you need to stay-in-touch with are notified of your upcoming move.

3. Checklist of Questions to Ask the Movers

This checklist will help you when you are looking for the right movers for the job. This is an important decision, so don’t just go with the first name in the yellow pages! Print several copies of this question list and use it each time you call a moving company to inquire about your move.

Read More at Checklists to Help You Move

Moving Day ChecklistsMoving is not just about getting a service provider, it relates to many factors and problems you may face during the move. Working with your mover does not necessarily have to be challenging, you need to know the right questions to ask and how to ask for the right help when needed. Helping the movers understand what you need can essentially  be a problem eliminator.