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Moving Your Business Office or IT Center?

Moving cubicles, office chairs, computers, phone systems and servers is not something you would want to move on your own. Special care for a lot of your office equipment should be at the top of your list when it comes to finding and choosing a mover for your business.

Kayka helps hundreds of business move across Singapore every year. We have a professional team of commercial movers that are skilled in knowing how to pack, crate and move and unpack your entire office.

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Your Entire Office is 100% Insured During the Move
Our commercial movers are not just local hires off the street. Each one of our Kayka commercial moving specialist receives training on how to safely pack, transport and unbox / uncrate your business equipment, furniture and hardware.

Our trucks and services are insured against damage during the move, too.  Our company has disassembled and reassembled every major furniture brand, every rack, every chair imaginable. Our staff is friendly, cheerful and are ready to help you with the big business move across town.

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Free Carton Boxes and Tape, Peanuts and Bubble wrap
When you book your move with Kayka online, we’ll stop by and drop off as many boxes, tape, peanuts and bubble wrap as you need.  There’s never any charge for our packing materials and when we drop off your packing supplies and move you, we’ll even clean up and take the packing boxes back with us and have them recycled.

Lots of other moving companies won’t do this for you. But Kayka will.

“I’m in charge of a small technical team in Singapore that runs several office in the United States. When I received the okay to move the Singapore operation across town, I dreaded the idea of interviewing a dozen different companies.  I found Kayka online and filled out the move request form and they called me back the same day, and dropped off boxes, tape and bubble pack to me the next morning.  Absolutely incredible customer service!  I can’t recommend Kayka enough for any business moving across town. They are simply amazing.”

– Bart Wilson

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