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Let Kayka Move the Heavy Stuff for You

You might not need all of our moving services. Meaning, if you only have a few suitcases of clothes, a coffee pot and a fishbowl – you can certainly move these on your own.

But moving the couch, sofa, shelves, the futon or a few beds isn’t so much fun if you live by yourself or you’re a small family.

Log onto Kayka and let us come by and we’ll move the heavy stuff for you!
Kayka Movers: Perfect for Light or Heavy Duty Moves
One of our most popular services is the blended move across town. Where you pack the little things and we stop by, pick up the boxes and we carry the furniture and heavy stuff down the stairs, out to the truck and we move the whole thing across town for you.

Designed to be one of our most affordable packages, we help dozens of families save money and move across Singapore quickly, and with minimal expense.

We carry a full line of packing materials in addition to our moving boxes. So if you need a roll of bubble pack, a monster bag of peanuts… just let us know on-line and we’ll drop them off to you. FREE of charge. 

We challenge any other moving company in Singapore to match the service or value Kayka offers.

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“I just landed a new job, and they moved me to the north side of Singapore. Commuting to work was taking over 1.5 hours each way. We decided to move and we’re so glad we contacted Kayka. We logged on, told them when our move date was and they called us back the next day to arrange a move out date.  They drove by and dropped off two rolls of bubble pack and boxes and we packed up our small stuff. The next day, Kayka movers showed up, picked up all our boxes, moved the heavy stuff to the truck, drove across town and moved us into our shiny new apartment the very same day.  Totally amazing service! Thank you Kayka!  We love you!”

– Akiko & John Chan

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