Trust Kayka Movers to Move You Anywhere in Singapore

We know you have choices when it comes to picking a moving company. Kayka provides value-add services when you choose us. For example, you won’t have to go all over town to find the best deals on moving boxes. With most moving companies, there’s a nice markup in moving boxes. As much as a 300% markup. At Kayka, moving boxes are free.

When you book your move with Kayka, we’ll drop off a nice stack of boxes you can use to pack some of the things you want to pack on your own. Such as wardrobe boxes. When we move you to your new home or apartment – we’ll even stop back by in a few days and pick up and recycle your moving boxes for free.

No other moving company in Singapore will do that for you. Kayka Movers will.

Kayka is a direct mover. Which means BIG Benefits for you.
What does this mean? Simplicity and convenience for one. You don’t have to call our office. We’re always on the move. Booking your move on-line is fast, easy and convenient for our customers. Simply tell us about your moving date. Where you are and where you are moving to and we’ll give you our best possible schedule.

This lets us be ultra-competitive on our moving rates. With no expensive overhead on our side, we can afford to be more agile and one of the lowest cost moving companies in Singapore.

We carry a full line of packing materials in addition to our moving boxes. So if you need a roll of bubble pack, a monster bag of peanuts… just let us know on-line and we’ll drop them off to you. FREE of charge. 

We challenge any other moving company in Singapore to match the service or value Kayka offers.

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